This project proposes to create an on-chain narrative plugin to dmstfctn’s multiplayer game Godmode Epochs. In the game, players must train an AI to identify supermarket products without frustrating it, or face having to indulge in its memories of other cheating AIs in order to keep training.

In Godmode Epochs, each game session consists of a player’s training actions, a set of recovered memories and an AI-generated monologue recited by the in-game AI. The plugin, also described as a ‘Large Lore Model’ (dmstfctn, Jager, Milne, 2023), will combine these three narrative components from each game session into a unique chronicle, and store it on-chain.

The proposed plugin maximises the affordances of a blockchain by generating chronicles which are permanent and immutable by virtue of being on-chain, preserving key moments from a game session and writing them into a story that would otherwise be forgotten once players log off. The plugin also preserves the subjectivity of storytelling by introducing players’ testimony as an additional narrative component. Finally the plugin generates chronicles which are client-agnostic, able to be displayed both in-game and outside of it.

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