ARTeCHO call received 127 applications

The ARTeCHÓ Eurpean call for participants was closed. It reached 127 applicants who want to participate in the 7-month Fellowship Programme, which consists of a blended approach with online meetings, training, mentorship, inspirational sessions, and a 2-week physical residency. During those 7 months, the selected candidates will be trained and will work on their proposals, and at the end of the programme they will present their projects to the public.

The Fellowship Programme focuses on digital productions but does not exclude other forms. The programme offers a 10.000€ grant to the 15 selected fellows.

Year by year, the NFT sector keeps growing its community of artists and fans, but this sector is just getting started. This trend has created a new economic activity and is reshaping the traditional art industry. Not only artists, but also collectors, galleries, museums and auction houses are interested in the implications for buying and selling. An NFT is often a special digital depiction of a good, such as a work of art, in the context of art and collectibles. It is saved on a “blockchain,” a digital database that frequently acts as a decentralised public ledger, and resembles a certificate of authenticity. Blockchain and NFTs are already altering how people view art and art ownership. NFTs frequently make reference to some type of artwork, whether it be digital or tangible. Ownership of an NFT, however, does not entail ownership of the actual work of art. NFTs are occasionally sold alongside the actual artwork and occasionally not.

The great amount of applicants for the ARTeCHÓ European call highlights the immense interest and the significance of initiatives like this in supporting the growth and development of this sector. The fact that 127 artists and designers applied for the Fellowship Programme shows the growing demand for opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in digital productions, including NFTs.

The initiative aims to provide the selected fellows with the necessary resources and support to explore and experiment with this technology, paving the way for new and innovative creations in the field. The Fellowship Programme, therefore, plays a vital role in advancing the NFT sector by nurturing and empowering the next generation of digital artists and creators.

The evaluation of all the applications and the selection process is now undergoing and the results will be published on the 29 of March.

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