ARTeCHÓ – Art, Economy & Technology

The main goal of ARTeCHÓ is to create a peer-to-peer learning community for artists to learn more about the technical side of the art-making process and its intersection with new technologies, Crypto Art, blockchain, and NFT marketplaces.
ARTeCHÓ will combine artistic talent with an overview of modern technology, bring together experts and recognized Crypto artists who will share their knowledge with emerging artists, and provide them with the tools they need to grow artistically and professionally.

ARTeCHÓ will provide resources to help artists and organizations explore innovative approaches to the arts economy.
The project encourages copyright protection of the fine arts with respect to the application of new technologies, and to shape new business models, broader communication strategies, political engagement and citizen awareness.

AugE embraces a twin-fold notion of “augmented”:

  • To create awareness about the potential of emerging trends such as Crypto Art and other technological tools to be used as a modern method of art monetization and copyright protection;
  • To support the growth of skills and awareness on the topic of Crypto Art, to lead to a transformation of the art economy, new business initiatives and innovative business models;
  • Bring together a community of practitioners, policymakers, academics, and researchers to deepen the debate on possible ways forward to adopt alternative methods of monetization and blockchain in regional programs to support the arts, artists, and their rights.