MEET is the Italian organization that supports digital culture and creative technology. Designed as a social-oriented institution, MEET collects, promotes and shares creative ideas and innovative projects to reduce the digital cultural divide and guarantee an increasingly more active participation with an approach centred on meeting and inclusion.


Baltan Laboratories is a cultural indisciplinary lab based in Eindhoven (NL). We focus on societal issues through a relational approach, creating spaces to rehearse living otherwise. In a world full of complexity the interactions between different disciplines are fundamental to achieving a relational approach that responds to the environmental, political, social, economic and technological issues we must address today.  


Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation (FZC) is a private non-profit foundation created in 2004. Its founding objectives include the dissemination of the progress made by the Knowledge Society to build a more participative, equalitarian, inclusive, and innovative society; open to new developments and opportunities offered when we work at the intersection of art, science and technology. FZC is the main programmer of Etopia Center for Arts & Technology.


The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center is a think tank and research center focused primarily on investigating the implications of blockchain technology. In addition to general research and prototype development, the FSBC serves as a networking hub for managers, start-ups, and experts to exchange knowledge and best practices. The FSBC also organizes educational opportunities for both students and executives, including on-campus courses, workshops, and conferences.


SERN is a European network of regional stakeholders committed to inspire a culture of startup-friendly regions. SERN offers a unique interconnected space for collaboration between regional authorities, innovation and development agencies, universities, and associations dedicated to support entrepreneurship and startup growth across Europe.