Felix Fritsch is a doctoral fellow at Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy, writing about digital communities building crypto commons protocols on Distributed Ledger Technologies. His research finds that crypto commons differ from other commons in their proximity to markets, which opens a fruitful tension with post-capitalist frames that reject market mediation per se. In early 2021, Felix co-founded the Crypto Commons Association, which organizes events, shapes narratives and foments movements around the commons, post-capitalist systems and collaborative finance. He is also co-founder of the Commons Hub, a former countryside inn in the Austrian Alps, repurposed as a harbor for digital communities and experimental playground for researchers, creatives, systemic thinkers, systems tinkerers and explorers of regenerative futures. 

As an ARTeCHO mentor, Felix advises on crypto-economic systems design and functioning, on building and managing communities around crypto projects as well as on the entrepreneurial potential and challenges crypto art projects encounter.