Azahara Cerezo – DATANGIBLE

“Datangible” proposes to join a decentralised storage network based on blockchain as a node and at the same time, unfold this network as a scenario where to compose and show a route through the materials that make up the same the device that is being used as a node. 

Aluminium, PVC, copper, lanthanum or cerium are some of the materials that form part of the node-device in use. These elements will be the starting point for tracing the long supply chains behind them and finally elaborating a series of images and data that will form the content which will be hosted across the network. These contents will comprise a variety of 3D images and textual information and its carbon footprint will be taken into account as an important factor.

Like decentralised networks, supply chains in the electronics industry are fragmented, dispersed, cryptic and global. The project thus becomes an exercise in dissection that participates in decentralised networks and problematises this very participation by interrogating their own environmental effects.

“Datangible” aims to approach a genealogy of artistic practices in the network in which the telematic infrastructure itself goes from being a tool to a fundamental part of the piece, questioning its own particularities, in this case, focusing on decentralised networks with blockchain.

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