Carlos Monleon Gendall – DROPSTREAM ECONOMIES

Dropstream Economies imagines the use of blockchains in environmental steward-ship by modelling smart contracts after the behaviour of river ecosystems. The project proposes on the one hand to develop possible web3 applications and new economies built around a “Dropstream Blockchain”. On the other it works to turn on-chain and off-chain computations into an “audible dashboard“ in the form of a sound installation. 

The goal is to provide accesible ways in which think of uses of these technologies by prototyping an application to monitor the life cycles of rivers, whilst empowering the diverse communities that participate in their regeneration and hold accountable those who damage them.

This project proposes listening as part of a design practice when working for and with natural environments, immersion becomes a way of cultivating affects and relation. It also allows for a deeper exploration of the metaphors and practices that give a voice (and lend a vote) in multi-species governance systems.

The installation would bridge the abstractions brought by remote sensing and planetary scale computation and the intimacy of an embodied experience.

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