The Aura Protocol Project aims to address the broken and corrupt art markets operating under old-fashioned models. The artists are almost powerless in changing the market dynamic and rules of the game. Yet, they are the only elements in this professional system that, if eliminated, would make the entire system obsolete.

Existing NFT platforms are essentially centralized market infrastructures. For example, the largest NFT market platform Open Sea is a publicly traded company with a typical vertical CEO and staff operation model. Its participants have no way of influencing the development and policy.

The Aura Protocol will be governed through DAO governance and ownership model, where key participants of the art market system such as artists, critics-writers-researchers, curators, collectors, and galleries will have a say in its development and policy. The Aura Protocol is meant to be an open-source protocol, not yet another marketplace platform of digital commodities. It can largely promote itself as a bottom-up initiative of infrastructure built by artists for the art. This implies more trust amongst the genuinely dedicated and engaged professional artistic community.

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