Zaman’s upcoming project is an interactive graphic web novel that will challenge and reflect on the decentralized technology itself. She seeks to blend blockchain technology into the artwork, making it a living, evolving piece that responds to user input and external data feeds, adding new dimensions of complexity and depth to the story. To make sure to design the interactive elements of the artwork to be accessible and inclusive to a wide range of audiences she wants to involve alternative modes of interaction beyond just visual or auditory feedback, such as haptic feedback or other sensory inputs.

Based on the ideas of democracy, memory and consciousness the project will take shape through reflection with peers and experts. She will use collaborative storytelling techniques that revolve around the following theme:

“What was meant to be a revolutionary tool for creativity soon became a cruel joke, a weapon of mass destruction. It was a tragedy of epic proportions, and yet somehow, in the midst of all this chaos, there was a certain dark humor to be found. A group of artists and activists decide to use the technology to fight back.”

The project challenges the notion that technology is only used for control and manipulation: it proposes a vision of technology as a tool for democratic expression and collective memory.

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