Quantum Research Group (QRG) is an initiative of the artist Hrvoje Hiršl, in collaboration with the Institute of Physics in Zagreb, Croatia. Its aim is to investigate and employ the arising technologies of quantum optics and quantum computing, within a sustainable business model. Its cross-disciplinary approach works towards merging Art, Science & Technology in one experimental journey.

The project involves the creation of an economic system based on quantum entanglement (light) as the generator of random numbers by measuring polarisation of entangled photons.The two light installations (The Collapse & Exceptional point) will be extended into QNFTs and QRNG. QNFTs are the graphic representation of random set numbers created by QRNG or Quantum Random Number Generator. 

To make this project a real-world application, a funding is needed to set up the production of QRNG in order to create the first QNFT. As random numbers are the foundation of contemporary security & cryptography, this process provides the highest randomness technologically feasible and a reliable solution to further technological issues. 

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