The project Cnidarian Economics is that it originates from the imaginative differentiation between the human economy and the rest of the biosphere. This analyse leads use to ask: How do we make society with other life forms? The proposal is to see blockchain technology as a mean to organise a more-than-human global cooperation.

An answer to this issue has been to epitomise ecological systems into economic language; in other words to give a monetary value to the living. 

terra0 is a blockchain-AI augmented forest that owns itself. It is a biological system that became partially a digital entity and finally an economic autonomous agent – hence escaping the condition of financial asset. terra0 could purchase resources and supply services through the tokenisation of its own being. From there we can consider the possibility of different token users, being animal-user, AI-user, natural-system-user or human-user interacting through inter-species currencies. 

This would open up space for non-human to act in the world via AI-blockchain technologies, thus creating a more ecologically representative economic model, beyond the subject/object and asset/owner dualisms. In fact, to model the living and the non-living, the ‘natural’ and the ‘artificial’, it is require to develop a computational outlook that thinks about all things and phenomena as having a similar ontological status. Ecosystems, the technosphere and the economic system must be sees as a megastructure that is both a computational apparatus and a new governing structure which primary means and interests are not human discourse, but the calculation of the world as information itself.

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