The digital contemporaneity is deeply entangled with time. Time is saved, optimised, deleted and restored. Media technologies is likewise knotted with memory: storage, archives, clouds, deep learning, trash bins and digital amnesia. Modes digital visualisation are conjuring different kind of remembrance.

This project wants to explore the convergence between digital fabrication and present ecological and biodiversity crisis, using NFT’s to convey memories of multispecies’ coexistence and critically engage with the material networks planetary techno-geo connections. 

Specifically, the artist would work with open source 3d photogrammetry models of endangered and extinct species in a speculative assemblage with the material traces and landscape transformations that makes our digital networks, such as minerals and metals. 

Combining these elements he wishes to speculate on how digital networks affect non-human worlds. The work will be done by creating a series of virtual installation using game-engine and 3d modelling tools and combining this with research on ecological impacts and material consumption related to the digital age.

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