Paula Kaori Nishijima – NETWORKED PLAY

Networked Play is an experiment to explore and see how individuals use their decisionmaking power within a network. In this game, players connect and have the agency to manage their roles within a network set up in a web app. 

The first individual to join is also the first central power – the master node -, the only one granted permission to accept new nodes/players into the network. After linking to another three nodes/players, the master node has to either transfer its power to the other three nodes or remain as the ‘sovereign power’. If the master node gives up the power, it will enable the other nodes to connect to more nodes and expand the network.

Networked Play comes from studies of network topologies and aims to raise a central issue in contemporary debates: the power relationship between sovereignty and networks. 

Networked Play aims to investigate how subjectivities act with agency and power in a network environment. The aim is to spot some patterns that arise out of the interactions among players. The experiment is supposed to be a web app that can be accessed by anyone from any place.

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