Jano Montañés – BUBBLE / OPN Studio

Bubble is a project based on the speculation per se. A criticism of all products to which many cling to the promise of obtaining a fast economic benefit. Bubble shows how speculation within the Art world, makes the object something insignificant. And how it eliminates its true value by converting it only into speculative objects being stripped of their natural beauty, criticism and meaning, being able to reach large sums of money due to the action of marketing, greed and speculation, displacing to one side, its true cultural value.

This Project will generate, through AI, 10 NFTs that will be quoted on a web portal. Each time the rights of possession of one of them are acquired, all of them will increase their value by 10%. This process will continue until one day, arrival a date the quote will end. Therefore, awarding each of the works of art to the holder of the rights at that time. This is the moment when the obligation of forced sale of the rights and the actual acquisition of the work ends.

From this moment on, the possibility of selling the NFT will be blocked for a period of 461 days (the period it takes for a medium-sized mature tree to eliminate the carbon footprint that is estimated to produce an NFT in its creation and subsequent transactions), as a punishment for speculation with it. Thus, buyers just interested in speculation will be exposed to market risks, seeing their money being trapped in the product, and those who just wished to purchase the work, will be able to enjoy it.

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