Lithium Republic XYZ consists in creating virtual twins of three salt flats that define the lithium triangle, a geographical area between Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile where a set of salt flats contain 85% of globally concentrated lithium.

This digital space in the metaverse will gather information about the cultural, technical, scientific, and political aspects of this territory, which will engender reflections, exhibitions, and virtual residencies connecting art agents and scientific researchers worldwide with the local community.

With its diverse potential applications in education, art, and research, Lithium Republic XYZ highlights the transformative power of digital tools in offering alternative perspectives to long-standing problems. The project involves the creation of a governance token, a DAO, and an unconventional marketplace that handles the digital conservation of cultural objects.

In order to accurately manage the project, it will rest upon gamified strategies and blockchain technology with the main objective of creating community, decentralized decision-making, and an economy focused on cultural value.

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