Michele Bazzoli – THE WONDER

The Wonder consists of a click-through explorable environment made of digital and partially animated scenes, performing an hybrid dimension where human and non-human are melting together.  

The Wonder will be available on a dedicated website with an interactive UX. The explorable areas could increase thanks to the purchase of the available digital artworks. These NFTs would grant their owners exclusive access to extra areas, custom made experiences with rewards and other features. The project could potentially keep growing with new expansions, collectables, as well as new interactive areas according to the user’s interactions and contributions. 

The Wonder would create a semi-autonomous ecosystem based on circular economy, shaped as an immersive artistic experience combining sculpture, graphic novel and NFTs; where every owner could collect and resell NFTs through a chosen marketplace. This project explores innovative ways to make artistic practices economically and environmentally sustainable through the creation of an immersive artistic digital world, while generating internal market value by enabling collectors to actively participate in the artistic creation. 

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